Down to the gram


Exclusive distributor of the Dutch company Van Aarsen for metropolitan France, French Overseas Territories and Madagascar, Seter produces and installs equipment dedicated to animal feeding. At Space, the company located in Pays de la Loire and Brittany has showed the micro-dosing system MID , with a PID Precision Ingredient Dosing (a 1kg-dosing-pallette with a precision down to the gram) integrated. That machine is produced for over 10 years, but it is the first copy which will be installed in due course in France : in ATM Petfood at Longué-Jumelles (Maine et Loire). The Seter manager, Philippe Allard has declared : “This factory dates back to 2006 and, at the time, we had equipped it entirely with Seter and Van Aarsen equipement. The investment realised by our client aims to met new dosing requirements from market. The precision down to the gram is the added value of the machine.” That one is aimed at dosing of oligo-vitamined premixture and other sensitive raw materials. In the form of big-bag or of bag, they supply eight storage silos of raw materials. By an hydraulic unloading system, raw materials fall into a weighing scale. For the precison down to the gram, the micro-ingrédients fall into a dedicated weighing pallet. After, the product is exported into a mixer by pneumatic or gravity transfer. “This micro-dosing system can be integrated easily in a factory process due to its configuration very dense.”

Photo Space Seter Van Aarsen

From left to right, Philippe Allard, manager of the company, Daniel Gardan, François Coubaillon, colleagues, and Marco Theunissen (Van Aarsen)


Source : Gilles Hardy. (Novembre 2017). “Space 2017 : Un bilan mitigé”. La revue de l’alimentation animale, Mensuel n°711, p 62

Translated in English (Original in French)