Who we are !

We are your partner for supplying custom made animal feed plants with a capacity of 5 to 100 tons and per hour, for organic fertiliser production facilities, cereal industry installations or for modernising existing installations.

Our range of services covers every specialty that needs to be covered to ensure a successful project.

This includes analysing your needs, developing the process, planning the project, manufacturing, delivery, assembly, setting-up, supervision, right up until commissioning and training.

We work in compliance with all legal requirements that apply to transforming raw materials and finished products, as well as in compliance with quality requirements for animal feed and agriculture that is environmentally friendly.

The construction and manufacturing performed by Van Aarsen (Panheel) and Seter (Le Fuilet) guarantee high quality and equipment that can adapt to the various applications.

Our highly qualified assembly and maintenance staff will install the equipment delivered in line with your requirements. We remain at your disposal for all of your projects.

The Seter Group has three production facilities that are fully integrated for producing all of the equipment offered:

  • Automated laser cutting
  • Folding and rolling
  • TIG/MIG welding on mild and stainless steel
  • Paint shop
  • Preliminary assembly and systematic inspection of all equipment
  • Transporting and unloading the equipment at the worksite
  • Assembly supervision by our assembly specialists,
  • Equipment mechanical assembly
  • Handling at the worksite (cranes, cherry pickers, telescopic cranes, etc.).
  • Training your maintenance technicians
  • Setting into service and commissioning the installation.
  • Seter Group technicians are experts in handling techniques. They product the preliminary drawings and the operating diagrams with the design department. They work on creating completely new factories, but also on restructuring and modernising existing facilities.
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