Spare parts

>> Obtain the list of spare parts

Light and heavy weight piping:
– Fall box
– Rubber cap
– Flanges
– Stack cap
-Bolted flange clamps
-Conduits with cleaning doors
-Conduits with inspection hatches
-Conduits with dampers
-Conduits with pull levers
-Double conduits
-Straight conduits
-Damper bend
-Wide radius bend
-Two inlet junctions
-Three inlet junctions
-Four inlet junctions
-Cover disks
-Decompression sleeves
-Soft sleeves

Flange connection:
-Straight connection
-EURAC connections
-Plexiglass hatches
-Compressed air piping

Filtration / Suction:
-Automatic unclogging filters
-Unclogging plates
-Solenoid valves
-Filter spare parts

Bulk handling:
-Two or three-way direction boxes
-Rotary valve
-Rotary gates
-Weighing equipment
-Bags of screws
-Carrier bases
-Lifting buckets
-Lifting strap junctions
-Belt scrapers
-Motor wheels for belts
-Tension wheels for belts
-Rollers for conveyor belts
-Lifting straps
-Guillotine valves
-Electric vibrators
-Compressed air impact vibrators
-Pin screws for straps

Electric motors:
– Reduction gear units

-Belt sensors
-Rotation sensors
-Vibrating blade sensor
-Inductive position sensor
-Vibrating rod sensors
-Level sensors
-Capacitive level sensors
-No-return mechanisms
-Sensor mounts

Mechanical parts:
-Flexible couplings
-Drive shafts
-Transmission chains
-Handling chain with link
-Forged handling chain
-Reduction gears
-Removable hubs
-Gears with offset hubs
-Gears and toothed wheels
-Welded gearsets
-Bolted gearsets

Compressed air systems:
-Compressed air distributors
-Solenoid valves
-Pneumatic cylinders
-Electric cylinders

Gangways / Framework:
-Safety ladders
-Steel beams and sections